Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Create a Menu Bar in Photoshop

create a menu bar
Step 1
Start off by making a new Photoshop document. Choose the rounded rectangle tool, set the radius to 12 pixels, and create a wide rounded recntalge, as shown below, It doesn’t matter what colour it is because we’ll be creating a gradient with the shape next. 

Step 2
Choose dark maroon (6f1300) for the foreground color and a lighter shade for the background color (c82e00). Make a selection (select > load selection) using the rectangle 

Step 3
Choose the linear gradient, cirlcled in green (a). Open the gradient editor, by clicking on the sample gradient, and choose “foreground to background” (b)
Step 4
To create the gradient, drag form the top to the bottom of the selection, which should produce something like in the iamge below. 

Step 5
This is the 2nd part of this Photoshop tutorial, to create a menu bar. Next create a thinner rounded rectangle, and make a selection using it (select > load selection) 

Step 6
Set the foreground color to a peach shade (ff7a4f) and the background color to f33a01. Create a linear gradient on the thinner rectangle (b)
Step 7
For the text i’ve used the settings shown below

Step 8
And you should have something as shown below!

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