Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Text over face Image with Photoshop

Final Results
Here is an easy way to make any picture even your own portrait into text in Photoshop.Let’s begin by opening a picture in Photoshop that you want to see in text format, I used this one:
Desaturate the image (Ctrl+Shift+U), then Add layer mask (Layer>Add Layer Mask>Reveal All). Select all (Ctrl+A), copy selection (Ctcl+C). Then go to Channels (Window>Channels). Select Layer1 mask and make it visible. Then paste (Ctrl+V) and deselect (Ctrl+D).  
Go back to Layers (Window>Layers), select Layer Thumbnail and fill everything with white.
Create new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N), fill it with white and bring it to Back (Ctrl+Shift+[). Now select Text gizmo and highlight the whole canvas area. Then copy text from any source and insert it in the highlighted area. I used the standard filler text. “First of all you need to open a respective document or a file with its respective program. Like suppose a mp3 file has to be opened with MP3 compatible program that can play it. Not with a Notepad or MS WORD. that is similar in each case. A *.doc file cannot be opened with NOTEPAD because its not capable of reading it.
Look mate, there’s more characters in computer than you are supposed to know. You perhaps knowing the characters from A-Z,a-z,0-9, & special characters, etc. But the computing thing requires massive amount of various combinations of”

Apply the following settings to the text:
You should come up with something like this:
For a really convincing effect you can simply duplicate the layer with text (Ctrl+J). Also, you can choose the layer with solid white color (without mask) and fill it easily with shades of grey (#e0e0e0). Although this would be cheating, inasmuch as the image is easily painted with its original colos, but at the same time this increases the quality and is not terribly noticeable.

Here’s what I came up with as a result:                                                       
 Copy Write: http://www.okapixel.com/category/text-over-face-image-with-photoshop


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