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Adobe Photoshop CS3 supports a variety of file formats to suit a wide range of output needs. You can save or export your image to any of these formats. You can also use special Photoshop features to add information to files, set up multiple page layouts, and place images in other applications.

Saving image files
Graphic file formats differ in the way they represent image data (as pixels or vectors), in compression techniques, and which Photoshop features they support.

To preserve all the Photoshop features in your edited image (layers, effects, masks, styles, and so forth), it’s best to save a copy of your image in Photoshop format (PSD). Like most file formats, PSD can only support files up to 2 GB in size. In Photoshop, if you are working with document files larger than 2 GB, you can save your image in the Large Document Format (PSB), Photoshop Raw (flattened image only), or TIFF (up to 4 GB in size only).

You can save 16 bits-per-channel images only in the following formats using the Save As command: Photoshop, Photoshop PDF, Photoshop Raw, Large Document Format (PSB), Cineon, PNG, and TIFF. When using the Save For Web & Devices command with a 16 bits-per-channel image, Photoshop automatically converts the image from 16 bits per channel to 8 bits per channel.

You can save 32 bits-per-channel images only in the following formats using the Save As command: Photoshop, Large Document Format (PSB), OpenEXR, Portable Bit Map, Radiance, and TIFF.

You can use the following commands to save images:

Save Saves changes you’ve made to the current file. The file is saved in the current format.

Save As Saves an image in a different location or under another filename. The Save As command lets you save an image in a different format and with different options.

Check In Lets you save different versions of a file and comment on each. This command is available for an image that is managed by a Version Cue Workspace.

Save For Web & Devices Save an optimized image for the web and devices.

Save large documents
Photoshop supports documents up to 300,000 pixels in either dimension and offers three file formats for saving documents with images having more than 30,000 pixels in either dimension. Keep in mind that most other applications, including versions of Photoshop earlier than Photoshop CS, cannot handle files larger than 2 GB or images exceeding 30,000 pixels in either dimension.

Choose File > Save As, and choose one of the following file formats:

Large Document Format (PSB) Supports documents of any file size. All Photoshop features are preserved in PSB files. Currently, PSB files are supported only by Photoshop CS and later.

Photoshop Raw Supports documents of any pixel dimension or file size, but does not support layers. Large documents saved in the Photoshop Raw format are flattened.

TIFF Supports files up to 4 GB in size. Documents larger than 4 GB cannot be saved in TIFF format.




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