Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Workspace overview
Enter values in palettes, dialog boxes, and the options bar
Pop up sliders
Scrubby sliders
Working with pop up palettes

Selection tools gallery
Crop and slice tools gallery
Retouching tools gallery
Painting tools gallery
Drawing and type tools gallery
Annotation, measuring, and navigation tools gallery
Using the options bar
Create and use tool presets

Change a ruler’s zero origin
Change the unit of measurement
Position with the Ruler tool
Position with guides and the grid
Use snapping
Use the Undo or Redo commands
Revert to the last saved version
Restore part of an image to its previously saved version
Work with the History palette
Make a snapshot of an image
Change pixel dimensions of an image

Change the print dimensions and resolution
Determine a suggested resolution for an image
View the print size on screen
Change the canvas size

About layers
Work nondestructively
Organize layers
Layers palette overview
Convert background and layers
Create layers and groups
Show or hide a layer, group, or style
View layers and groups within a group
Sample from all visible layers
Select layers
Group and ungroup layers
Add layers to a group
Link and unlink layers
Rename a layer or group
Assign a color to a layer or group
Rasterize layers
Delete a layer or group
Export layers
Merge and stamp layers
Specify opacity for a layer or group
Specify fill opacity for a layer
Specify a blending mode for a layer or group
Filling new layers with a neutral color
Create a knockout
Exclude channels from blending
Group blend effects
About layer effects and styles
Apply preset styles
Apply or edit a custom layer style
Layer style options
Modify layer effects with contours
Set a global lighting angle for all layers
Display or hide layer styles
Create and manage preset styles
Copy layer styles
Convert a layer style to image layers


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